Spring Carnival


What we do

An annual Spring Carnival is held in May, organized by the P.A.C.  It is an old-fashioned carnival with games, activities and food. We welcome the entire Tri- Cities community, not only those from Meadowbrook Elementary.  Check our Calendar, to find out exact dates for the Spring Carnival.

How we do it

An event of this scale requires an enormous amount of planning and preparation.  A Carnival Planning Committee is formed in January with weekly 1 hour meetings where planning and preparation will be discussed.

What you can do

Whether you have a specific field of expertise, you enjoy event planning or you are happy to volunteer with anything, there is something for everyone to do.  Seeing this event come together, go smoothly and bring smiles to the attendees faces is our goal for the day.  Here are the things you can do to support the Meadowbrook Spring Carnival:

  • Participate in the Planning Committee – look out for the email in early January calling for volunteers.
  • Pay for a pre-sold punch card to help organizers estimate attendance.
  • Attend the Carnival, inviting your family, friends and neighbors.  Have fun doing a cake walk, or enjoy some caramel apples and popcorn, or take a bouncy in the inflatable castle or even ride a pony !

Who to contact

To volunteer some time, whether it’s a little or a lot, please contact Aubrey Marshall, Fundraising Coordinator at meadowbrookpac@gmail.com