Meet the P.A.C. Executive Team

President:  Stephanie Rothman

stephanieMy name is Stephanie, your fearless leader aka PAC President. I manage a three ring circus at home with my three children (Theo 6, Anna 5, Gabe 2), puppy (Jasper) and husband. At work I manage projects for the Ministry of Transportation. In my free time I like to hike, travel and read. As the PAC president this year I hope to continue creating community and fun at our wonderful school.

The President of the P.A.C. presides over all general and Executive meetings and acts as the signing authority on behalf of the Council.

Vice-President:  Leila HarrisonLeila

My name is Leila and I am very excited to be your Vice President on this year’s PAC ! My husband Matt and I are excited for our daughter Coco who is heading into grade 2 this year. We have loved being a part of the Meadowbrook Elementary community ! Our family runs a production company and our most well known project is called “Convos with my 2 Year Old”. When I’m not working on projects for Cocomilk productions, I am a stay at home mom to our awesome kids Coco (age 7) and Shepherd (age 4). In my spare time I love to run, read, cook, bake, garden and spend time with our amazing friends and neighbours. I look forward to being a part of the PAC and contributing to what I suspect will be another fantastic year at Meadowbrook !

The Vice-President of the P.A.C. assumes the President’s responsibilities and assists the Executive team in performing their duties.

Secretary: Christine Viray-Luk


My son, Braeden, is excited to be in his 4th year at Meadowbrook entering grade 3 and teaching his 3 year old brother what to expect.  While I’m not at work, I enjoy playing volleyball, baking, reading and watching movies with the family.  My goal this year, as the Secretary, is to ensure parents, learners and staff are informed with regards to the events and goals of the Meadowbrook P.A.C.

The P.A.C. Secretary keeps meeting minutes, records and documents. In addition s/he and handles all correspondence to/from the Council

Treasurer:  Alisha Enns

LNP_2674I am the new Treasurer of the Meadowbrook PAC. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island. I am an avid traveler and have had the privilege of living, working and studying in many parts of the world. I moved to the mainland and worked in insurance before settling in Coquitlam and becoming a stay at home mother of two. I look forward to meeting you and your children. I hope together we can help bring positive changes to the school.

The P.A.C. Treasurer handles financial record keeping, payment of expenditures and the deposit of funds for the Council.

Fundraising Coordinator:  Vacant

The P.A.C. Fundraising Coordinator leads the community outreach and fundraising events for the Council.

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Sarah Beer

Description and photo to come stay tuned !

The P.A.C. Hot Lunch Coordinator organizes the monthly hot lunches, including the menu, ordering, delivery and recruitment of volunteers.

Emergency Prep Coordinator:  Rob Fournier

Rob FournierI am excited to be your Emergency Prep Coordinator.  My daughter Allegra is in her third year at Meadowbrook and my youngest daughter Eleanor will start next year.  My wife Kat and I are fortunate to be business owners and have the flexibility to volunteer our time.   I look forward to being of service and meeting you all as the year progresses.

The P.A.C. Emergency Prep Coordinator ensures that the Emergency Preparedness kits at Meadowbrook are ready, organized and in working order. 

Distract P.A.C. Representative:  Keri Rutter-Marko

Description and photo to come stay tuned !

The D.P.A.C. Representative attends District P.A.C. meetings, representing Meadowbrook P.A.C. and reporting back any pertinent information from the District Council.